Summer’s Here – Follow These Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Summer’s Here - Follow These Tips for Motorcycle Safety - Rooth Law GroupIf you own a motorcycle, safety is probably one of your greatest concerns. With summer upon us, there’s no better time to get out your bike and hit the open road. Before you do, make sure to review these tips and get ready for a safe season.

Get licensed.
As is the case in many states, you must have a specific license in order to operate two- and three-wheeled motorcycles. You can obtain a permit by studying the Class M study manual, taking a vision screening exam, and passing a written exam. You can take the skills test after sufficient practice in order to obtain a license with full riding privileges.

Wear a helmet.
An estimated one-third of motorcyclists who die in a crash would have survived if they had been wearing a helmet. Don’t allow yourself to become a negative statistic surrounding motorcycle safety. Stay safe and wear proper protection at all times, including elbow and knee pads. Carry extra protective gear for passengers as well.

Never drink and drive.
Drinking and driving is highly dangerous – and illegal. In choosing to do so, you endanger not only your own life, but the safety of those around you.

Wear bright colors.
Make sure drivers around you can see you by wearing brightly colored protective clothing or accessories.

Never share lanes with other vehicles.
When it comes to motorcycle safety, it is critical that you obey traffic laws and give vehicles the necessary space around them. If you are too close, you may be positioned in a common blind spot or be exposed to injury due to the vehicle changing lanes or position quickly.

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