St Petersburg VOP Attorney

If your probation officer was kind enough to file a violation of probation (VOP) affidavit with the judge in your criminal case, you will soon know that a warrant may be issued for your arrest. If a VOP affidavit is filed, you may now need a bench warrant attorney and a St Petersburg VOP attorney to help get you out of this jam.

When a VOP affidavit is filed, the judge is required to issue either a bench warrant or a notice to appear for court. If a bench warrant is issued, you have two options. You can turn yourself into the Pinellas County Jail or you can hire a St. Petersburg VOP attorney to facilitate your surrender directly to the judge.

If you decide to surrender directly to the Judge, your St. Petersburg VOP attorney will set a date and time for the court hearing. This allows the judge to have full access to your probation file and to understand the circumstances of the VOP. When you surrender directly to the Judge, your case may be resolved quickly at that court appearance or the judge will serve and execute the warrant. If the warrant is served and executed, you will end up in the Pinellas County Jail. In most situations, if your VOP is resolved, the Judge will withdraw the warrant and allow you to exit the courthouse without going to the Pinellas County jail for booking.

A bench warrant is typically issued if you have multiple violations of probation or if you have been charged or arrested for a new crime. A notice to appear is often issued for technical violations. Examples of technical violations are: testing positive for drugs, missing curfew or not paying fines.

Technical violations of probation are considered less serious but they still expose you to the maximum penalty allowed under the law. If you are facing a technical violation of probation in felony court your case is most likely assigned to Honorable Judge Quesada. Judge Quesada handles a majority of the felony technical VOP’s in Pinellas County but on some occasions your case may end up with the original sentencing judge.

If your violation stems from a new law violation, your VOP court hearings are held before the original sentencing judge in Pinellas County.

Not all violations are the same and having an experienced St. Petersburg VOP attorney by your side can make all the difference in the outcome. When you need a VOP attorney look no further than St. Petersburg’s Rooth Law Group.