Probation Violation Comes With Serious Consequences

Do not violate your probation! As a St. Petersburg attorney, I often caution clients against probation violation. With a little bit of effort, serious violations are easily avoidable.

When you are placed on probation, the judge permits you to continue living a life of freedom, but with a few rules in place. The rules are relatively simple: do not commit any crimes, do comply with the terms and conditions set by the Judge, and do comply with the requests of your probation officer.arrested because probation violation and in need of an attorney

If you are sentenced and receive a withhold of adjudication, you are not convicted of the crime. However, if you violate your terms, there is a chance you will then become convicted of the crime if you are adjudicated guilty. Follow this outline to understand why completing your probation successfully is in your best interest:

I meet people who had a withhold adjudication, violated probation, and are now considered convicted felons on their first time felony charges. This is an absolute life-changing situation for people. They struggle to find work, and under some circumstances, even housing.

If you are on probation, keep your life simple and make the successful completion of your probation your number one priority. In essence, be completely selfish about yourself and your needs in this regard. There is no one to stand in your place during a violation of probation, and unless you make yourself and this probation your number one priority, your likelihood of a violation increases.

It is not uncommon for a minor violation to occur. But even a minor violation can result in a conviction. Often times, the State Attorney will draw you in with a nice offer to resolve your violation, but it still results in a felony conviction. This exemplifies the importance of having a violation of probation attorney.

As a criminal defense attorney very familiar with probation law, my duty to clients is to help them navigate the system and get the best results possible. I must also advise you that if an offer that sounds good, it may also have negative consequences that can make you a convicted felon. The last thing any attorney wants to see is a client having to adapt to life as a convicted felon in Florida.

Each violation of probation is different and each probation officer is different. Keeping a good rapport with your probation officer is extremely important. If your officer is supportive, your results are typically better than if he or she is dissatisfied with your lifestyle while on probation.

Successfully complete your probation! If you struggle and are facing a violation of probation contact our office. Do not face a VOP alone. Seek legal counsel to avoid the many pitfalls of the legal system. Don’t find out after the fact that you made an error that cannot be corrected. Schedule your free consultation today!

If you have a probation violation, learn more here.

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