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The crime of battery is defined as striking or touching another person against their will or intentionally causing bodily harm.  The crime of assault requires a threatening another person by word or action to do violence.  Assault also requires an action that creates the other person to fear that “violence is imminent.”  If you read the statutory language carefully, you will see that no physical contact is required for an incident to constitute assault.

Prosecutors often rely upon eye-witness or victim testimony to prove their battery and assault charges.  They also look to physical evidence showing the extent of the victim’s injuries.  If you have been charged with a battery or assault, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney to thoroughly investigate your case and determine if valid defenses can be raised. 

An experience criminal defense attorney will be able to determine if the reliability of the State’s witnesses can be challenged.  Does the victim have his or her own agenda?  Did the victim provoke the situation or initiate contact?  Were you acting in self-defense?  There may be other mitigating factors in place, such as mental health issues or alcohol.  Perhaps substance rehabilitation or anger management courses are better suited remedies than incarceration. 

If you have been charged with battery or assault, you could be facing years in county jail or prison.  This is not the time to take chances.  Your future and your liberty interests are at stake.  If you have been charged with assault or battery, you should hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to zealously represent your interests in court. 

How Can Rooth Law Group Help You?

Ryan Rooth, the founding partner of Rooth Law Group, has years of experience as a former prosecutor.  From working at the State Attorneys’ Office, he knows first-hand what the prosecutors look at to determine whether they are going to reduce or dismiss a charge.  He will use this invaluable experience in the defense of your criminal case. 

You need a skilled and experienced attorney to thoroughly investigate the background facts of your case and see if there are valid defenses that you can raise.  The Rooth Law Group routinely represents individuals charged with:

• Battery and Aggravated Battery
• Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon or Firearm
• Felony Battery
• Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighters, or other Officers/Agents
• Sexual Battery
• Domestic Battery
• Assault and Aggravated Assault
• Aggravated Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer
• Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon or Firearm

We also often represent people charged with battery or assault, in conjunction with domestic violence

Experienced Professionals Providing Top Quality Legal Defense Services

Rooth Law Group attorneys will take the time to explain what is occurring in your criminal case in language that you can understand.  They will make sure you are comfortable knowing exactly where you stand under the law.  They will arrive in court armed with the most persuasive and current case law to support your position.  Professionalism and sensitivity is particularly necessary when it comes to battery and assault cases.

If you need more convincing, let the results speak for themselves at the Rooth Law Group website’s Case Results section. 

Call the St. Petersburg violence crime defense attorneys at Rooth Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation: (727) 797-9600 in Pinellas County, (813) 333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

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