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Personal Injury Attorney TampaRooth Law Group handles a variety of personal injury matters in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. We represent individuals who have been injured in car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, as well as individuals injured in falls. We want to be the go-to local resource for legal representation any time our clients need a personal injury attorney. St. Petersburg and Tampa residents deserve an advocate when they have been injured through no fault of their own, and that is why we are here.

At Rooth Law Group, we understand that being injured can be a traumatic experience. Everyday people find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance and are left with medical bills to pay, large and unsympathetic insurance companies to deal with, and varying degrees of pain as a result of their injury. These folks are often confused, stressed and have many questions.

Rooth Law Group has years of experience in civil litigation, including personal injury. Our attorneys have almost fifteen years of combined litigation experience. We understand how to take your case to trial if the insurance company refuses to provide you with the coverage you deserve. We know how to properly preserve the evidence of your case so that you are in the strongest position to negotiate with the insurance company or present your case to the jury. Most importantly, your personal injury lawyer will always treat you with the ultimate professionalism and respect as you work through one of the most challenging experiences of your life. Your case will go much smoother when you have the right personal injury attorney. Tampa and St Petersburg residents know they can reach out to Rooth Law Group for the quality service. If you have been injured in a car accident or have been otherwise injured, please contact Rooth Law Group for a free consultation at (727) 797-9600.

If you have been injured in a car accident or have been otherwise injured, please contact Rooth Law Group for a free consultation today.

Personal Injury Cases:

Automobile Accidents:
We routinely represent individuals who have been involved in accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, or bicycles. A car accident attorney or motorcycle accident attorney can help you whether you were the driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian. This includes incidents of hit and run. Attorney representation is essential when there are injuries resulting from an accident.

Slip and Fall:
We often represent people who are injured in public locations due to the negligence of store owners or other landowners. These lawsuits are called premise liability cases. A slip and fall attorney from our firm can help get the compensation you deserve if maintenance issues or other negligent actions led to your injury.

Medical Malpractice:
We assist those who have suffered at the hands of licensed medical professionals in obtaining recovery for the themselves or their loved ones.

Dog Bites:
We can provide a dog bite attorney to those who need to bring claims against negligent dog owners. There are laws in place to protect people from injuries caused by animals.

Insurance Coverage Disputes:
We represent citizens who have unreasonably been denied coverage and are forced to file a lawsuit against their own insurance companies to secure what they should have initially been paid. With an insurance attorney, you can be sure that you are getting fair treatment from the company that is supposed to be on your side.

Child-Related Injuries and Accidents:
These cases are usually the most heart-wrenching. We counsel the child and his or her parents through this especially traumatic experience.

Wrongful Death: These cases can also be emotionally difficult for those involved. A wrongful death attorney can guide clients who have lost a loved one through a major accident.

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