St Pete Man Killed After Wielding Ax

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St. Petersburg Man Shot Carrying Deadly Weapon

Posted on September 24, 2013

The St. Petersburg Police responded to a 911 call on Monday night.  The call advised a man was threatening people in downtown St. Petersburg with an ax.  An ax is a tool with a sharp blade on the end used for chopping things, such as wood.

Deadly Weapon St Pete Ax

When Officer Damien Schmidt arrived at the scene he witnessed a group of people running away from the ax wielding man.  As Officer Schmidt engaged the ax wielding man he ordered him to drop the ax.  In Florida, an ax would be considered a deadly weapon under the law.

As Officer Schmidt continued to engage this man, the ax remained in the man’s hands.  The man ignored the commands to drop the ax.  The man continued to approach Officer Schmidt .  While he was approaching the man was speaking but in a manner that was unintelligible.  Officer Schmidt shot the ax wielding man as he continued to advance toward the officer disregarding the command to put the ax down.

The man with the ax was pronounced dead at the scene.  His identity remains unknown.

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