Pinellas County Inmate Swallows Stolen Necklace

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Stolen Items Revealed in Pinellas County Jail X-Ray

PostedĀ onĀ December 16, 2013

When all else fails you swallow the stolen necklace to avoid prosecution!! That is what a young man in Pinellas County Florida did to conceal a stolen necklace. Joseph Ramos was arrested on December 11th for driving a stolen vehicle. While the police processed Joseph Ramos for booking at the Pinellas County Jail an X-ray revealed a dark mass. The dark mass turned out to be stolen necklaces. Joseph Ramos had to undergo surgery to remove the necklaces. The victim of the stolen necklaces identified the precious metal as belonging to them and stolen from their home.

Pinellas Inmate Swallows Necklace

Pinellas Inmate Swallows Necklace

The Pinellas County Jail began using an X-ray machine as another crime fighting use of technology to check inmates for concealed items in June. The X-ray technology at the Pinellas County Jail assists law enforcement reveal any unusual items concealed by an inmate, such as: metals, pills, plastics, and drugs among other things.

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