What is the fine for Speeding in a St. Petersburg Construction Zone?

Fines for Speeding in a St. Petersburg Construction Zone

The fines imposed for speeding in St. Petersburg are already severe. Add a construction zone and the fines are doubled! The maximum fine the court can impose is $1000.00.

Not all construction zones are active all day and night so you can’t receive a ticket for speeding in a construction zone 24 hours a day if no workers are present at the site of the road work.

In order for the police to issue you a citation for speeding in a construction zone there must be adequate notification of the speed limit and the doubling of fines with construction workers present or operating equipment. The equipment operation can occur on the road or adjacent to the road.

The biggest mistake people make after receiving a ticket for speeding in a construction zone is they run to the courthouse and pay the ticket. Not only are you paying an inflated penalty but you are also assessing point to your license without even putting up a fight. Anytime you add points to your license you run the risk of a license suspension and higher insurance premiums. The current fines for speeding in a St. Petersburg, Florida construction zone are:

1-9 m.p.h.- $156.00
10-14 m.p.h.- $306.00
15-19 m.p.h.- $406.00
20-29 m.p.h. – $456.00
30 m.p.h. or more requires court appearance with a maximum penalty of $1000.00.

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