Tip for Erasing a Bogus Pinellas Arrest With An Expungement

Start Erasing Your Florida Arrest Record Now!

When you are accused of a crime and arrested for the bogus accusation many people are scared about their future and concerned this will ruin their life. If this describes your situation you are absolute right. Bogus allegations can have long lasting effects on your future.

Erasing a criminal arrest through an expungement is a necessity in today’s environment and relying on the help of your Pinellas County expungement attorney’s at the Rooth Law Group may be the perfect solution for you. When the bogus allegations were dismissed you probably felt a huge weight off your shoulders knowing it was over. The bad news is that it could be further from the truth. Your arrest is still public record and plastered all over the Clerk of Circuit Courts website and the Sheriff’s website showing your photo on the date you were arrested. You need to erase any indication of this arrest record immediately.

Erasing any trace of this criminal arrest is important and takes time to complete. Start right away by completing the Florida Department of Law Enforcements (FDLE) Application for Certificate of Eligibility. The Application for Certificate of Eligibility requires the following information:

1. Your name, include maiden name and other names you are known by.
2. Date of birth.
3. Phone number.
4. Address (current and mailing address).
5. Social security number.
6. Drivers license number.
7. Date of offense/arrest.
8. Police agency that arrested you.
9. The charges you were arrested for.

Most of the above information should be easily accessible to you. If not, make a quick call to the Clerk of the Circuit Court for additional information. A completed Application for Certificate or Eligibility to expunge an arrest record requires three things:

1. Completed and signed Application for Certificate of Eligibility.
2. Fingerprint card completed by a law enforcement agency.
3. Certified copy of the final disposition of your case.

If the stress of the bogus charges and criminal arrest was difficult enough and you want additional help to quickly get your criminal record erased then contact our office for assistance. Your expungement attorney’s in St. Petersburg, Florida have extensive experience handling expungements throughout the state.

If you need an experienced attorney to erase your arrest record then look no further. We will provide you with the best advice to quickly expunge your arrest record and clean your background. Call today for a free initial consultation: (727) 797-9600 in Pinellas County, (813) 333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

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