Violation of Probation or Community Control

Facing a Tampa Violation of Probation?

Is your loved one in jail without bond for a Tampa VOP? Act quickly and contact your Tampa VOP attorney for a FREE Consultation. Depending on the circumstances, you can get in front of the Judge and address the violation in usually a day or two.

When an accusation is made that you violated your probation, the probation officer files a Violation of Probation Affidavit. The affidavit is sent to the judge, the judge will either issue a bench warrant or a send you a written Notice to Appear for court.

If a bench warrant is issued, you should turn yourself into the county jail, but many people prefer to contact their Tampa VOP attorney first. If you contact a Tampa VOP attorney, you can request that your attorney file a motion for bond or you can surrender directly to the judge in court. Most Tampa felony VOP’s are issued warrants with no bond and once arrested, you must appear before the judge issuing the warrant if you are to get a bond. Many misdemeanor VOP’s are issued a Notice to Appear.

Surrendering directly to the Judge has a couple of benefits. You have a set date and time to see the judge. You avoid the county jail and you can resolve your case in many situations without visiting the county jail for booking and execution of the warrant.

Having a Tampa VOP attorney facilitate your surrender is preferable because you are required to comply with the rules and procedure of the court. If you fail to do this correctly, you run the risk of your case not appearing on the court docket and you will quickly find yourself in the county jail waiting for a court date several weeks out.

Technical violations of probation in felony court are set before the Honorable Judge Perry. Technical violations consist of positive drug test or curfew and travel violations. Technical VOP’s are considered less serious, but you expose yourself to the maximum penalty allowed under the law each and every time you violate probation terms and conditions.

If your Tampa VOP is from a new criminal law charge, your case will be assigned to the court division that original sentenced you. New criminal charges are considered more serious violations and the original sentencing Judge determines the appropriate sentence if you admit to the VOP.

When considering a Tampa VOP attorney, look no further than the experienced Tampa criminal defense attorneys at Rooth Law Group. When you need a quick bond motion or resolution, contact our Tampa VOP attorney’s for a FREE Consultation and learn how to place yourself in the best situation possible to avoid jail or prison.

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