Stay Safe on the Roads this Thanksgiving Weekend

Stay Safe on the Roads this Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend is the most dangerous time for driving out of the entire year. It is also the most travelled time and almost 90% of people travelling do so by car. According to statistics, Thanksgiving Weekend is also the deadliest holiday of the year.

To encourage you to stay safe, here is a quick list of tips adapted from the National Safety Commission:

Buckle Up. Of the fatalities over last year’s Thanksgiving Weekend, 67 % of fatalities did not have their seatbelts fastened. Fastening seat belts could have prevented most 2008 highway deaths and serious injuries. The police will be on the lookout for drivers who aren’t wearing seatbelts and will be writing tickets. Stay safe and avoid being ticketed for a traffic infraction by wearing your seatbelt.

Stay Within the Speed Limit. Speeding is the major cause for traffic accidents. Higher speeds increase the force of a collision and reduces the time you have to react to an emergency. The police will also be on the lookout for those who are speeding and can ticket you accordingly, even if you are doing only 5 miles over the speed limit.

Avoid or Be Cautious During the Wednesday Rush. Most drivers who have long distance travel leave after the work day on Wednesday and hit traffic congestion that lasts well beyond typical rush hour delays. They are frustrated and tired after a day’s work and may drive although sleepy. Drivers who are tempted to nod off at the wheel are just as dangerous as those who are driving drunk.

Avoid or Be Cautious During the Sunday Rush. Similarly, most people drive home on Sunday afternoon after a football game and beers. Not only are they tired from a weekend of festivities, they are full and drowsy after eating large meals, and many have consumed alcohol throughout the day.

General Suggestions to Stay Safe:

Try to leave Tuesday and return Saturday or Monday instead.

Allow plenty of travelling time so you won’t feel rushed or stressed.

Get enough rest before getting behind the wheel.

Take turns driving with a driving companion.

Stop every 2 hours or 100 miles to take a break, freshen up, and stay alert.

Don’t rely on caffeine instead of sleep. You will crash when it wears off.

Check weather conditions before getting on the road and plan your travel time accordingly.

Make sure children are properly buckled in their car seats.

Use cruise control to avoid going over the speed limit.

Eat a light meal to avoid drowsiness.

Ignore your cell phone while driving. Stay focused on the road no matter what.

The Rooth Law Group Wishes you a Wonderful and Safe Thanksgiving!

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