Fight a Pinellas County Violation of Probation or VOP

I Need to Fight My Pinellas County VOP:

Not all violations of probation (VOP) are legitimate violations. In some situations a probation officer will error or is lazy and unwilling to take additional steps to determine if a violation occurred. If you find yourself if this situation it is important to contact your St. Petersburg VOP lawyers at the Rooth Law Group for a free consultation.

Pinellas County has a dedicated judge to handle the technical violations of probation. An example of a technical violation of probation is testing positive for drugs or missing curfew. Many times the judge in Pinellas County will issue a warrant with no bond and that means once you are arrested on the warrant you cannot bond out of the county jail until the Judge agrees to issue you a bond or your case is resolved.

If you know a violation of probation has been filed and you know the allegations are in error you have very little time to build your case. If you fall in this situation start acting now to preserve your evidence. Get your witnesses and documentation together before you are arrested on your violation of probation warrant.

A person facing a violation of probation may show signs of stress and anxiety. Rightfully so, because a violation of probation is easier to prove and you are exposed to the maximum sentence again. If you are in Circuit Court for a felony charge then Florida State Prison is always an option.

This is why hiring the right Pinellas VOP lawyer for your case is so important. As your lawyer we can navigate the system efficiently. In some circumstances we can have the warrant withdrawn and your case resolved quickly to relieve the stress and anxiety of a violation of probation. A VOP is not the time to go to court without an attorney.

Don’t learn the hard way that you should have hired an attorney. Call us at Rooth Law Group today for a free consultation: (727) 797-9600 in Pinellas County, (813) 333-6517 in Hillsborough County,.

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