Insurance Lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL and Tampa

Insurance LawyerIf you find yourself in a situation that requires struggling against your insurance provider or the insurance provider of a party at fault in a personal injury case, contact an attorney from Rooth Law Group, P.A., to protect your legal rights. With our experienced legal team by your side, you can fight to be awarded the compensation that you should be entitled to during what can be a difficult, stressful time. As soon as your demanded compensation claim is denied, call an insurance lawyer. St. Petersburg professionals from our firm are ready to work with you.The Insurance Research Council statistics show that attorney’s settlements on average were three and a half times higher than if you tried to handle the settlement negotiations alone.

Battling with companies after filing an insurance claim is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Our experienced attorneys will work with you to discover the full facts of your legal situation and the claim that you have made, and we will then try to expedite the process. We will work with the relevant insurance companies to attempt to reach a satisfactory settlement that will work to provide you the finances you need. We have worked with many different providers throughout the local area. We are also proud to offer services from our other location in Tampa.

We will fight to ensure that the legal process is as stress free as possible, and we value the safety and security of our clients. When you are ready to contact a skilled insurance lawyer, St. Petersburg, Florida’s Rooth Law Group, P.A., is just a phone call away. Act today to ensure that your rights are protected and fight for the compensation you deserve. You can schedule a consultation to discuss your case and the money you may be entitled to during this difficult time or speak to our friendly helpful staff and learn more about the services we offer.