Dog Attack or Dog Bite Attorney in St. Petersburg

iStock_000009765933XSmallIf you have been attacked by a domestic animal, contact a skilled dog bite attorney. St. Petersburg, Florida’s Rooth Law Group, P.A., should be your first call. Dogs can be valued companions and lifelong partners who provide friendship and loyalty. Most dogs are friendly, trustworthy animals that are great with kids and adults alike. Unfortunately, with any type of animal, temperament varies and aggressive animals can cause problems. We’re here to help protect your rights when you have been injured.

Victims of a dog attack have legal rights to pursue compensation for their injuries. The owners of the animal in question have a legal liability in this situation, whether they knew the animal to be aggressive or not. By contacting our skilled legal team, you can ensure that you are not left liable for the expensive medical care or damage to your property because we will fight for the compensation that you need and deserve.

Don’t delay after being attacked by a domestic animal. The quicker you act, the better your chances for receiving quality compensation. Don’t ignore a dog attack. Even if the injuries seem minor, the damage can be costly. Contact our legal team today. Our friendly, helpful staff is ready to take your call and discuss your situation. We will work through your legal options and help you decide whether you should pursue a legal claim for compensation. We are proud to serve Tampa residents with our second location in Tampa for even more convenience for our valued local clients. If you have been the victim of an attack, contact a dog bite attorney. St Petersburg residents have many options for legal representation, but the care and attention paid by the Rooth Law Group, P.A. is second to none.