Consult A Drug Attorney Before Seeking A Medical Marijuana Perscription

Drug Attorney Medical Marijuana Image - Rooth Law Group, P.A.Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill into law allowing the use of medical marijuana, which is also known as “Charlotte’s Web”. The bill signed into law does not make marijuana legal. This bill specifies and restricts access to a strain of marijuana known as “Charlotte’s Web”. Use of “Charlotte’s Web” would require a doctor’s prescription like any other medication and it will be highly regulated. It is best to consult your drug attorney before seeking medical marijuana, for clarification on legality and restrictions.

This form of medical marijuana, “Charlotte’s Web”, has gained great publicity over the last several months due to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and reports that this strain of marijuana improves the welfare of children suffering from uncontrollable seizures and epilepsy. Parents of children who are suffering these conditions are highly vocal about the results in their children even though the use of Charlotte’s Web has gained little attention by the medical profession.

While medical marijuana is gaining traction, not all marijuana is legal to possess in the State of Florida. If you are in possession of marijuana illegally it is a misdemeanor or felony depending on the quantity of marijuana you possess. A person illegally possessing marijuana will still face the judge. With out a proper drug attorney, it is possible to be sentenced to up to five years in Florida State Prison for illegally possessing marijuana.

Some people do not consider possession of marijuana to be a serious offense. Employers still consider marijuana possession a crime just as any other crime. A conviction for possession of marijuana may close great opportunities for you. If you have been arrested for possession you should still hire an attorney and he should look at your options for a diversion program and ultimately for a way to seal or expunge this arrest record.

Protecting your future should be your number one priority. A long-term outlook on your future should be considered when you determine how to handle a possession of marijuana or any other criminal charge, so consult your drug attorney. A short-term victory can also mean a long-term defeat when you seek employment or career advancement. Don’t make the same mistake that many do, have an attorney represent you through this process and avoid the missteps the system will throw at you. Call us for your free consultation today.

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