Pedestrian Deaths – Need For A Personal Injury Attorney

- June 5, 2014

We often hear of defensive driving, rarely do we hear of being a defensive pedestrian. As a personal injury attorney, I advise that you become a defensive pedestrian because the Tampa Bay area is currently ranked the second worst in … Continue reading

Do Marijuana Laws Vary By State?

- May 28, 2014

While the landscape is changing in terms of the status of marijuana, laws still impact the use and distribution of the drug. In some cases, the possession and sale of marijuana remains a criminal act. Other locations consider use to … Continue reading

Expunging Records: What You Need to Know

- May 19, 2014

Having a criminal record can make it very difficult to lead a normal life. Getting a job can be hampered by having criminal charges on your record. In some cases, it may be possible for someone with a criminal charge … Continue reading

Hurricane Prep 101 for Your Business

- May 14, 2014

Most people who live in hurricane prone areas know how to prepare their homes for a hurricane. You probably know about covering your windows with plywood, which papers to take with you if you evacuate, and how much food and … Continue reading

What Should You Know About Driving During Hurricane Season?

- May 9, 2014

Anyone who lives near the coast knows that driving during hurricane season requires careful attention to detail. Taking the time to check a few basics before you hit the road will help you evacuate quickly and get to a safe … Continue reading

Wacky Laws in the Sunshine State

- April 28, 2014

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that here in Florida, the penalty for horse theft is hanging. It might be antiquated, but it’s true — and still on the books! In fact, there are several Florida laws … Continue reading

Dealing with a Warrant

- April 15, 2014

You may have heard the term “warrant” before, but don’t quite know what it means in practical terms. A warrant is a written statement, generally written by a judge, that allows legal action to be taken, although it may violate … Continue reading

Armed and Ready to Learn?

- April 10, 2014

When it comes to gun law, Florida has an infamously lax set of regulations that protects an individual’s right to bear arms. Since Florida residents are allowed to keep guns in their motor vehicles, employers cannot ban employees from keeping … Continue reading

The Unwavering Stand Your Ground Law

- April 1, 2014

The Stand Your Ground Law has gotten a great deal of press lately, as it was recently used in several contentious cases in our state. While the Trayvon Martin killing is certainly the most well known case, there have been … Continue reading

Probation Slip-Ups Can Land You In Big Trouble

- March 28, 2014

Probation is an important legal tool that allows individuals who commit low level offenses to avoid prison and the subsequent negative impacts it can have on your and your family’s life. However, this second chance comes with a unique set … Continue reading

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