Florida’s Pedestrian Crosswalk Laws and Signage Confusing to Some Drivers

- September 9, 2014

In Florida, pedestrian crosswalk laws have been established to protect walkers on various types of roads, from neighborhood streets to major intersections. On paper, legislation is clear about what drivers should do. When walkers are about to cross a marked … Continue reading

Trafficking Methamphetamine Charges Carry Serious Federal and State Sentences

- August 28, 2014

Federal and state laws clearly outline minimum sentences for those convicted of major drug offenses, such as trafficking methamphetamine. Sentencing can result in things like probation, home confinement, or a long-term jail sentence. In some cases, life imprisonment is possible. … Continue reading

Probation Violation Comes With Serious Consequences

- August 13, 2014

Do not violate your probation! As a St. Petersburg attorney, I often caution clients against probation violation. With a little bit of effort, serious violations are easily avoidable. When you are placed on probation, the judge permits you to continue … Continue reading

Consult A Drug Attorney Before Seeking A Medical Marijuana Perscription

- July 24, 2014

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill into law allowing the use of medical marijuana, which is also known as “Charlotte’s Web”. The bill signed into law does not make marijuana legal. This bill specifies and restricts access to a … Continue reading

Drug Attorney Explains Issues With Marijuana & Search Laws

- July 17, 2014

“Marijuana and the freedom to search.” In the United States and in Florida, that phrase should be concerning to all Americans. The current state of the law in the United States allows law enforcement free access to search your vehicle … Continue reading

Drug Attorney Weighs In On Your Rights

- July 10, 2014

The law allows the police to search your car when the odor of marijuana is present. The courts give the police much deference based on their training and experience to be able to positively identify marijuana solely on its odor. … Continue reading

Hit and Runs Pose a Risk for All Floridians

- July 3, 2014

Statistics gathered from the past five to ten years indicate that the number of hit and run accidents has skyrocketed in Florida. In fact, Florida Highway Patrol leaders say they investigate some 20 to 25 cases per day. That is … Continue reading

Summer’s Here – Follow These Tips for Motorcycle Safety

- June 26, 2014

If you own a motorcycle, safety is probably one of your greatest concerns. With summer upon us, there’s no better time to get out your bike and hit the open road. Before you do, make sure to review these tips … Continue reading

Debunking Three Big Myths About Personal Injury Attorneys

- June 17, 2014

We have all heard jokes about the nefarious reputations of one personal injury attorney or another. The media is rife with misconceptions about them, from TV shows featuring corrupt, ambulance-chasing lawyers to talking heads suggesting that lawsuits are ruining the … Continue reading

Why Should You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

- June 11, 2014

If you or your loved one is hurt in an accident, do you have a plan? Injuries caused by someone else’s negligence can have a serious toll on your well-being and you may be entitled to compensation. Not all injuries … Continue reading

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