Pinellas Walmart Petit Theft Charge Dropped

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Pinellas Walmart Petit Theft Charge Dropped

A young mother entered Walmart with her sleeping son.  Since her son was asleep in the stroller the mother had to improvise and use the stroller as a shopping cart.  The young mother was purchasing items for her daughter’s birthday party and as she was checking out she did not see an item that was concealed by the sun cover on the stroller.  Store security could have pointed out the mistake and assisted the mother who was obviously struggling since she was unable to use a traditional cart.  But Walmart security took the necessary steps to ensure that this otherwise law abiding woman, with no criminal record, would be arrested and charge with petit theft.  The Pinellas County State Attorney’s Office watched the video of the incident and swiftly dropped all charges.  Unfortunately, the paper trail created by the arrest needs to be expunged and the young mother has to fight, yet again, to clean her record so future employers do not find the mention of the arrest.

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