Arrested and Tased for Obstructing or Opposing an Officer in Pinellas

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Arrested and Tased for Obstructing or Opposing an Officer in Pinellas

Client was riding public transit when an intoxicated woman entered the bus and refused to pay for a ride.  The intoxicated woman continued to defy the request of the driver to exit the bus.  When the woman approached our client in an aggressive manner, our client proceeded to push the intoxicated woman off the bus.  As our client approached the woman a police officer appeared from an unknown location and fired his taser.  The officer did not appear to identify himself and also did not appear to give our client a “lawful command”.  Our client did not see the approaching officer and was tased and subdued by the officer without any justification.  The Pinellas County Office of the State Attorney conducted a thorough review and made the correct decision in dropping the charges for Obstructing or Opposing an Officer without Violence. 

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