Handling St. Petersburg Residents’ Careless Driving Citations

Careless driving tickets are often associated with car accidents. The police are responsible for investigating the accident and for determining who was at fault for the accident. As a result, they usually issue a citation to the person they find at fault. Since the police are rarely witnesses to the accident, they have to rely on statements from the parties and witnesses. This leaves room for St. Petersburg’s Rooth Law Group, P.A. to question the citation. If you received a ticket from your accident, you may contest the accuracy of the police officer’s investigation and exercise your right to have a trial.

People are often reluctant to go to court to fight careless driving tickets, believing that the outcome in court will be the same as if they paid the ticket. While this is not always true, it can often be the case. An attorney can help evaluate and forewarn you so that you know if a situation is not ideal for court.

As traffic ticket attorneys, we often advise people with citations involved in auto accidents to contest their ticket. There are multiple reasons for contesting a careless driving ticket. One obvious reason is because you are not at fault for the accident, and you want to clear your name. Other reasons may be related to insurance or points on your license, but sometimes clients just want to see if people show up for court.

Going to court to contest a ticket for the sole purpose of seeing if witnesses appear is not recommended. This is partly because once you step in court, anything can happen. As long as the client has a clear understanding of the benefits and detriments of pursuing this type of action, they are then free to make a decision on how they want their case to proceed.

Fighting a careless driving ticket is most successful when you have independent witnesses willing to come forward to testify on your behalf. Videos or photographs that help portray your argument are also beneficial to your case. Having a clear understanding and the ability to convey your argument to the judge is also extremely important. A nervous or disorganized person attempting to persuade the judge with their argument is often less successful. If the judge is having difficulty following their argument, the case won’t be as successful.

Not everyone can take a careless driving citation to traffic court and successfully put on a case for the judge. Some people have more difficulty than others. If you are a person who gets nervous or uncomfortable in that type of environment, we highly recommend seeking out a traffic ticket attorney. A traffic ticket attorney that has appeared before the local judges and is familiar with the court process and rules can be highly valuable. Their experience in this environment allows them to argue with the best available information to help you succeed in traffic court.

If you have received a careless driving ticket, consider fighting your ticket in traffic court with a Rooth Law Group traffic attorney. Traffic ticket defense is relatively inexpensive and our group offers services in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Pinellas County, and Hillsborough County. Take advantage of the opportunity to have a Rooth Law Group litigator stand by your side during your traffic ticket trial. Call our St. Petersburg office today for additional information.