Truck Crashes Through Tampa Home and Injures Boy

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Kelly L. Rooth, Esq.
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Truck Crashes Through Tampa Home and Injures Boy

In Tampa, seven children were sleeping in their home when a truck crashed through their home shortly after midnight on Saturday.  Seventeen year old Guillermo Rosales ran a stop sign and drove a Ford truck through a Tampa yard and home, owned by Susan Baxter-Dunning.  Joseph Vanhouse, a nine year old boy, received a fractured skull and is presently recovering in intensive care at S. Joseph’s Hospital. 

Rosales smashed his truck through the house’s wall and through the home, pushing the sofa that the boy was sleeping on for 25 feet.  When the truck stopped moving, the boy was under it.  The damage could have been much worse as the other children often slept in the area that was the truck’s pathway through the home.  Vanhouse’s four year old sister had been sleeping in a chair that the truck smashed before her mother placed her in bed that night. 

Investigators are waiting on toxicology tests before they decide if they will charge Rosales, who suffered minor injuries from the car crash.

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