Trafficking Methamphetamine Charges Carry Serious Federal and State Sentences

300dpi-MediumFederal and state laws clearly outline minimum sentences for those convicted of major drug offenses, such as trafficking methamphetamine. Sentencing can result in things like probation, home confinement, or a long-term jail sentence. In some cases, life imprisonment is possible. Being associated with illegal drugs, including everything from marijuana, to prescription medication, to heroin and all other illicit substances, can lead to life-changing consequences. Here is a high level overview of the federal and state penalties associated with trafficking methamphetamine if convicted:


First Offense


A minimum of five and a maximum of 40 years in prison will be given for a first offense involving lower volumes of the drug, although if a victim related to the case dies or experiences serious bodily injury, the minimum is raised to 20 years and a fine of $5 million is also applied. In cases of greater volume, a first offense carries a minimum sentence of ten years in prison and a fine of up to $10 million. Convictions related to a death or case of major bodily injury carry a minimum sentence of 20 years when larger volume of drugs are involved. At the state level, the lowest possible sentence would be three years and a fine of at least $50,000.


Second Offense

A federal court conviction carries a minimum sentence of 20 years imprisonment. If an individual is given the maximum penalty, he or she can be incarcerated for life. Fines can reach as much as $20 million.

Being accused of trafficking methamphetamine is a serious matter. Be sure to contact the Rooth Law Group, P.A. immediately to discuss the facts of your case and understand how you can protect your rights.

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