St Pete Police Program To Track Young Criminals

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St Pete Police Program To Track Young Criminals

St. Petersburg law enforcement have created a special program to address juvenile crime.  The young people who have skipped school, stolen cars, broke into homes, took drugs and were subsequently arrested have been put on a list accessible to St. Petersburg police officers.  They are considered young serial criminals and there are 143 names on the list.  A special police unit has been created to monitor these juveniles, and inform them they are being watched and ready to be held accountable if they break the law again. 

It is reported that crime fell by 19% in 2010.  Property crime has always been high in St. Petersburg, but last year auto thefts went down 45% and burglaries fell 18%.  Assistant Chief David DeKay believes that the crime drop is a result of the special program to identify and track St. Petersburg’s worst adult and juvenile criminals, in the hopes of arresting them faster.  However, there were 13 murders in St. Petersburg in 2010 and in the first 3 months of 2011, there have been 8.  Three of the murder victims were police officers. 

Law enforcement reports that Nicholas Lemmon Lindsey was on this list, long before the 16-year-old was arrested for gunning down a Pinellas County police officer.  Perhaps the special police unit can prevent the future Lindsey from partaking in such an atrocious crime, but maybe not.  Is it the St. Petersburg police’s duty to monitor the troublemaking teens or should their parents be stepping up to the plate? 

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