Newborns the Victims of Florida Prescription Drug Epidemic

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Newborns the Victims of Florida Prescription Drug Epidemic

In 2009, almost 1,000 newborns in Florida hospitals were treated for drug withdrawal syndrome. The treatment for drug withdrawal syndrome in newborns can take a couple of days or a few weeks.

Dave Aronberg, special prosecutor for prescription drug trafficking for the Attorney General’s office, says “[t]he crack babies of the ’80s have now led into the oxycodone babies of the 21st century.” Aronberg calls the number of newborn drug withdrawal syndrome cases a tragedy in Florida. Especially because prescription drugs are relatively easy to obtain, affordable, and legal, medical and legal professionals perceive this to be a serious problem.

Dr. David Soria, the chief of emergency medicine at Wellington Regional hospital said “South Florida is known for its ability to easily get the medication through these pain clinics. More and more, mothers have the potential to use and thus more and more infants are being born with opiates onboard.”

It is one thing to abuse prescription pills and harm yourself; it is quite another to abuse prescription pills when you are pregnant causing harm to an unborn baby. If you have been prescribed medication and are now pregnant, do discuss whether you should continue to take the prescribed drugs with your doctor or midwife. Often, pills that were safe to take before are no longer safe when pregnant. There may be natural methods of treatment that are safe to the growing baby. These natural options are worth pursuing with your healthcare provider.

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