Florida’s Pedestrian Crosswalk Laws and Signage Confusing to Some Drivers

LawIn Florida, pedestrian crosswalk laws have been established to protect walkers on various types of roads, from neighborhood streets to major intersections. On paper, legislation is clear about what drivers should do. When walkers are about to cross a marked path, they have the right of way. Drivers must stop and allow them to cross. These marked walkways should be flagged by large yellow sign that has an image of person walking. Sometimes, these signs are accompanied by flashing yellow lights as well.


But in reality, these situations are often less clear. For example, a lot of these walkways have a YIELD sign posted, which can be confusing for everyone involved. When a sign says YIELD, many drivers assume they should slow down and then keep going. But what if a walker interprets the situation in another way and proceeds to cross the street without paying much attention to oncoming traffic? You can see how the confusion between yielding versus stopping can lead to accidents and other problems.


If you’ve been involved in an altercation related to Florida pedestrian crosswalk laws, we encourage you to give us a call. Everyone involved should be protected by the law – not confused by it. We can help you make the best of your situation, so be sure to reach out to the Rooth Law Group, P.A. today to schedule your free consultation.


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