Florida Video Captures Image of Child Abduction Suspect

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Florida Video Captures Image of Child Abduction Suspect

The power of video in criminal investigations not only raises awareness but it also provides leads to law enforcement who need to identify a suspect and make an arrest.  Will this video help prosecute the suspect if he is ever identified and located? 

I am referring to the recent attempted child abduction in Bradenton, Florida.  A man was following a young girl as she walked home from school.  The man grabbed the young girl but the young girl appeared to frighten the man by telling him people were watching him.  The man let go and fled. 

The young girl was right, people were watching and now the entire community is watching the video captured on a home surveillance camera.  Whether the video will the video help law enforcement solve this crime is to be determined.  

Video is pretty compelling evidence in Florida when it is presented to the jury during the  criminal prosecution.  Many times the outcome of a case hinges on the quality of the video.  Will the Bradenton video capturing this attempted child abduction help prosecute this suspect or will it have no effect on the investigation?  

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