Criminal Arrests at Tampa’s Gasparilla Invasion Down

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Criminal Arrests at Tampa’s Gasparilla Invasion Down

The Tampa Gasparilla pirate invasion consisting of in excess of 350,000 has ended. The invasion ended with fewer criminal arrests this year than it did in 2010. Only 350 people were cited with criminal violations this year with most criminal arresting ranging from boating under the influence, underage drinking, and disorderly conduct.

Some of the people arrested received citations and notices to appear in court. People cited for DUI or BUI were sent to a central breath test facility and then booked into the Hillsborough County Jail.

With the recent fatal shooting of two St. Petersburg Police Officers, the decrease in criminal activity at this year’s Gasparilla celebration couldn’t have come at a better time for law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies from all over the state converged on the Tampa Bay Area to mourn the loss of their colleagues and then joined in patrolling the streets and waterways of Tampa for the safety of all of us as we celebrated the much anticipated Gasparilla invasion.

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